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What ever the reason you stopped by today, we thank the Lord for it.

We are a small country church and our mission is to serve our Lord by serving the community.

If we can help you in any way... let us know buy using the "How Can We Help You" button at the right, contacting any of the staff directly, or we'd love to help you in person at the church during any service.

We're excited you visited us today and we hope to hear from, or see you very soon.
Pastor's Weekly Thought   
This week I've been contemplating what it must feel like to be out in this crazy world and be lost... that is not understanding why things are getting crazier by the day, not understanding why bad things happen, especially to good people.

As believers we have a hard time fathoming what we see going on around us. Satan has brought the world to a new level of chaos. He should be proud, as he has done a masterful job in exploiting every sin trait mankind carries in this earthly body.

Try to find time this week to sit back and watch people with the mindset that they are lost and confused. You can do it in the lunchroom at work, or make a special trip to the mall and sit on a bench. It should help you grow a love for them when you realize they can't control themselves like you can. Next thing you know... you'll be praying for them. That's where we need to get to as believers... developing a real caring for the lost.
Plug-n-Play Website At Your Fingertips   
Be sure to take a good look at the Admin Area of the website. You'll see just how easy it is to maintain fresh content on your site... content that will keep your community engaged and coming back.

If your site stagnates, so will interest by the members of your mission field. And you don't want spend all week writing HTML code to keep your site updated. So...

The 515 Project gives you a tightly integrated, easy to manage, virtually indestructable website that you can do almost anything with... generally in less that 30 minutes a week.

It is so easy you can even recruit other church members as Admins to help maintain the site... without them feeling web-intimidated and declining.
Easy = Success.
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